NexTORCH Viker Star Mutil-Mode Headlamp

New NexTORCH Viker Star Mutil-Mode Headlamp. Viker Star is a high output mutil-mode headlamp. With three practical modes, it can satisfy most of your outdoor activities. 140 Lumens output, 120 hours runtime, mutil-direction illumination lamp head, all these features are precisely designed for climbing, camping, hiking, running, and etc. Output - 140 lumens / 15 lumens, Runtime - 12.5hours / 120hours, Battery - 3 x AA, Distance - 120m, Material - Durable Nylon and Bolivai Filament Material, Lens - Anti-Scratch Polycarbonate, Weight - 3.92oz / 112g, Switch - Magnetic Switch. MSRP - $49.95.
NexTORCH Viker Star Mutil-Mode Headlamp
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